Factors You Should Consider When Buying Moissanite

Moissanite is a popular new option for people who want a diamond-like appearance but don’t want to spend the money or have the limits that come with a diamond. As this gem has only been around since late 1993, there is still no consensus on what quality they should be graded by GIA.

The following are 5 factors you should consider when buying moissanite :

1. Clarity and Color

The most important factor in buying moissanite is to make sure it is eye-clean. Eye clean means that the gem is a low enough clarity to pass the test done with a 10X magnifier without you being able to see anything more than just a spot on a white background. Ideally, the gem should also have an extremely high color grade (D-F) and be completely colorless if possible. With the right combination of clarity and color, you will be getting very close to a diamond look.

2. Flaw

Any type of damage or crack in the gem is going to be evident with the naked eye, so keep an eye out for any imperfections such as this in your moissanite stone. The final decision on the severity of the flaws will be up to you and your budget.

3. Certification

Gem certification is your assurance that the stone you are buying is genuine and accurately evaluated. With moissanite, it is important to remember that it has been around for less than 20 years, so there is not a huge consumer base for these gemstones. Make sure you get a certificate from GIA or AGSL to ensure your stone is exactly what you are expecting.

4. Taste

It is a good idea to get your stone certified to ensure you are getting a highly-rated cut, but always keep in mind that moissanite is known for being not as valuable as diamonds or other top-colored stones.

5. Price

While moissanite is not as expensive as some of the other stones enjoyed by wealthy celebrities, it is still very costly to buy. The price range for moissanite can be between $0.25 – $10 per carat depending on the size and quality.

You can choose the right dealer for you by checking out their history and other customers’ reviews to help make sure you are getting a genuine stone at the lowest price. Do not be afraid to shop around and compare prices as this shopping process is your assurance of a lifetime investment in an eye-clean, colorless gemstone.