Things To Consider When Buying Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is a type of alloy composed primarily of silver and other metals, typically copper, nickel, tin, as well as zinc. It is a relative term generally used to describe pieces made with such materials. Sterling silver is heavier than pure silver owing to the presence of multiple metals in the mix and can be further categorized according to their content into sterling silver with sterling base or sterling silver with alloys base.

Things to consider when buying Sterling silver

1. Cost

The price of a specific piece of sterling silver jewelry will vary accordingly with the price of silver and its percentage of the total weight. It is therefore important to be aware that jewelry that is labeled as sterling silver may not in fact be made with pure silver or even at least 92.5% fine silver content. Therefore, it is recommended to do a bit of research on the cost of sterling silver before making your purchase.

2. Method of manufacture

At present, there are many manufacturers who produce such products and each manufacturer has their own method and style of making them.

It is therefore important that the client is on the same page as the manufacturer to ensure that the end product corresponds to their expectations.

3. Grades and types of sterling silver

Sterling silver can be further categorized into three main types, sterling silver plate, 14 karats, or 18 karats. As specified in the information above, it is important to understand how fine each of these grades is and how they differ from one another. It is also important to consult with an expert in order to make your decision easier since a single piece may bear different names depending on its content or type of weight.

4. Quality

Quality is another important consideration you need to make when choosing sterling silver jewelry. Ensure that the piece you are buying has been personally examined by an expert, this should include its weight, purity, and quality of workmanship.

5. Aesthetics

The appearance of the piece can be determined by the type of style that it bears, as well as the finishing touches it has been given. Therefore, avoid purchasing a sterling silver item if your aim is to simply wear such an accessory on a daily basis and not for special occasions or otherwise.